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aai-resources does excessive amounts of logging



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      While investigating AAI-2082, checked on the docker logs for aai-graphadmin, aai-resources and aai-traversal containers.

      Found that aai-resources logs was at a staggering 550MB:

      -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 555290838 Jan 21 11:12 log-dockerlog-resources.txt

      The bulk of the log file contents were lines of these forms:

      2018-12-22T03:53:13.564+0000 AUDIT [cadi] ID AAI converted to aai@aai.onap.org
      2018-12-22T03:53:13.564+0000 INFO [cadi] Authenticated: aai@aai.onap.org authenticated by cached AAF password from
      2018-12-22T03:53:13.660+0000 WARN [cadi] Trans: user=aai@aai.onap.org[BAth],ip=,ms=95.642197,validate=0.200038,code=95.422722
      2018-12-22T03:55:12.139+0000 INFO [cadi] Persist Cache: removed 0 of 0 items from memory and 0 of 0 from disk
      2018-12-22T04:02:52.296+0000 INFO [cadi] AAFLurPerm removed 1 and renewed 0 expired Permissions out of 1 and removed 0 password misses out of 0 

      Removing lines with the pattern "AUDIT.*ID.*converted to.*onap.org" resulted in 1555922 fewer lines.

      Removing lines with the pattern "INFO.*Authenticated:.*onap.org" resulted in 1557878 fewer lines.

      Removing lines with the pattern "WARN.*Trans:.*onap.org" resulted in 1557877 fewer lines.

      Removing lines with the pattern "INFO.*AAFLurPerm" resulted in 43135 fewer lines.

      Removing lines with the pattern "INFO.*Persist Cache" resulted in 21591 fewer lines.

      The file size after removing those lines above was:

      -rw-r--r-- 1 root root     95187 Jan 21 11:32 log-dockerlog-resource-3.txt 

      which is a reduction in size of 99.9998% !!

      Might be related to LOG-376 and OOM-1542 and similar problems where pods are saturating the logging or become unstable after some time.



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