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      TSUI - UI not showing nodal relationship details due to creating invalid URI when traversing nodal relationships
      AAI UI sync never ends (even though it has gone through all entities)
      Cross entity reference error while synching for SI
      The A&AI UI will display the a representation of a queried along with its details. Attached to this representation are all the other entities that contain a relationship to the queried node. The user should be able to click on a neighbour node and see its corresponding details.

      This is currently not working as follows:

      User enters a query for a node, for example in the search bar enter complex called AMIST-COMPLEX-1

      This will draw a node for the complex with all its details. Attached to the Complex node is a pserver called amist-pserver-hostname-1

      If the clicks the pserver the node details will not be displayed.

      If the pserver is queired throught the search bar, ie pserver called amist-pserver-hostname-1 the pserver will be displayed along with its node details.

      In the UI error.log we see the following transactions;

      2017-06-02T18:07:06.802Z|3605880729|SLNC-WORKER-14|AAIUI|Browser|org.openecomp.sparky.enrichment.config.BrokerConfig|INFO|AAIUI00068I|AAIUI00068I Retrieval of AAI URL Link = https://aai-ext1.test.att.com:8443/aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/complexes/complex/AMIST-COMPLEX-1?depth=all is being redirected to broker with url = https://mtsnjv9aaas25.aic.cip.att.com:9514/aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/complexes/complex/AMIST-COMPLEX-1?depth=all|
      2017-06-02T18:07:06.961Z|3605880729|SLNC-WORKER-14|AAIUI|Browser|org.openecomp.sparky.dal.rest.RestfulDataAccessor|INFO|AAIUI00028I|AAIUI00028I doRestfulOperation() operation for GET execution time = 159 ms for link = https://mtsnjv9aaas25.aic.cip.att.com:9514/aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/complexes/complex/AMIST-COMPLEX-1?depth=all, ResultCode = 200
      << Note that GET results in the following data >>

      "physical-location-id": "AMIST-COMPLEX-1",
      "data-center-code": "AMICPL1",
      "complex-name": "AMIST-COMPLEX-1-name",
      "resource-version": "1496382464163",
      "physical-location-type": "Office",
      "street1": "505",
      "street2": "Terry Fox Drive",
      "city": "Kanata",
      "state": "Ontario",
      "postal-code": "A1A1A1",
      "country": "Canada",
      "region": "Eastern",
      "relationship-list": {
      "relationship": [
      "related-to": "pserver",
      "related-link": "/aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/pservers/pserver/amist-pserver-host-1",
      "relationship-data": [

      { "relationship-key": "pserver.hostname", "relationship-value": "amist-pserver-host-1" }

      "related-to-property": [

      { "property-key": "pserver.pserver-name2", "property-value": "amist-pserver-host-1-name" }


      2017-06-02T18:07:08.805Z|3605880729|SLNC-WORKER-6|AAIUI|Browser|org.openecomp.sparky.enrichment.config.BrokerConfig|INFO|AAIUI00068I|AAIUI00068I Retrieval of AAI URL Link = /aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/pservers/pserver/amist-pserver-host-1?depth=all is being redirected to broker with url = //mtsnjv9aaas25.aic.cip.att.com:9514/aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/pservers/pserver/amist-pserver-host-1?depth=all&node-type=pserver&detail-level=all|

      2017-06-02T18:07:08.845Z|3605880729|SLNC-WORKER-6|AAIUI|Browser|org.openecomp.sparky.dal.rest.RestfulDataAccessor|ERROR|AAIUI30069E|AAIUI30069E Error retrieving link: //mtsnjv9aaas25.aic.cip.att.com:9514/aai/v10/cloud-infrastructure/pservers/pserver/amist-pserver-host-1?depth=all&node-type=pserver&detail-level=all from restful endpoint due to error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not absolute

      The request is never sent to the Data broker and the node details can never be retrieved.


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