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Enhancements for Consistent DMaaP Messaging



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      Whenever an object is created, deleted, or updated in AAI as part of a message sent for another object, we should send a separate DMaaP message for that object.

      Currently we only send one message to DMaaP for the objects directly called. We don't send messages for children nodes that get created or updated, objects that have edges added or removed, or even related objects that get deleted because of edge rules.

      Here are some examples where this causes inconsistent behavior:

      When a license is created as a child for a generic-vnf, we send a license message if the PUT was made on the license but a not if the PUT was made on the generic-vnf.

      When an edge is created between two objects, we send a DMaaP message for the object that edge was added onto, but not for the object that it was related with.

      When an object is deleted in AAI edge rules can cause child and related nodes to be deleted, but DMaaP messages aren’t sent for those deletions.

      Because A&AI doesn't enforce consistent methods of data entry, it's important that we add logic to report the data consistently.


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