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ONAP Docker images and base images should be ONAP controlled



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      As a developer of ONAP wanting to build and use the Docker images, I want to know that all the Docker images and Docker base images actually come from ONAP project, built by ONAP project and controlled by ONAP project.

      For convenience of sharing to the wider community, the images could be subsequently mirrored to Dockerhub, etc, to share the load of downloading images from the repository, but the primary repository should be the ONAP nexus3 repository (see also TSC-79 / LOG-375).


      From a quick search of Dockerfiles across several ONAP repositories, found this list of Docker base images (i.e. the ones named in the "FROM" line):

      FROM aaionap/aai-common:1.3.0
      FROM alpine:3.3
      FROM alpine:3.6
      FROM anapsix/alpine-java:jre8
      FROM boxfuse/flyway:5.0.7-alpine
      FROM busybox:latest
      FROM debian:jessie
      FROM dockercentral.it.att.com:5300/library/ubuntu:16.04
      FROM frolvlad/alpine-python3
      FROM library/cassandra:3.11
      FROM library/tomcat:8.5
      FROM library/zookeeper:3.4
      FROM nexus3.onap.org:10001/onap/aaf/aaf-base-xenial:latest
      FROM nexus3.onap.org:10003/onap/msb/msb_base:latest
      FROM nginx:1.11.8
      FROM nginx:alpine
      FROM onap/base_sdc-cassandra:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-cqlsh:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-elasticsearch:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-jetty:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-kibana:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-python:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-sanity:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM onap/base_sdc-vnc:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT-latest
      FROM openjdk:8-jdk
      FROM openjdk:8-jre
      FROM openjdk:8-jre-alpine
      FROM openjdk:8-jre-slim
      FROM openresty/openresty:alpine
      FROM opnfv/xtesting
      FROM python:2
      FROM python:2.7
      FROM python:2.7.14
      FROM tomcat:8.0-jre8
      FROM ubuntu
      FROM ubuntu:14.04
      FROM ubuntu:16.04
      FROM ubuntu:trusty

      Only a minority of these base images are actually hosted on ONAP nexus3 repository. The majority are actually hosted on dockerhub, e.g. 


      Related to the INT-545 and AAI-2026 to re-factor and optimise the base images, the base images themselves should be built and hosted on ONAP infrastructure.



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