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Enable/Disable Data Sync for Cm Handle



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      Create a REST API which when called will explicitly set the data sync enabled flag.

      Initial flag should be set to false for data sync enabled, during module sync

      User can then set the state once flag is set.

      Think about potential Request types which would be suitable.

      Open Questions

      1. Does this completely replace global cache configuration param? (Yes)
      2. Will this API then set the initial data Sync enabled flag which will in turn set the initial data sync state? (Yes)
      3. If data sync enabled is already true, and data sync state is SYNCRONIZED, can state then be set to false, will this in turn affect the existing data?(Potentially delete the sync data, state reverts back to non-requested)
      4. If data sync enabled is set to true, and during synchronization, it is set back to false, how will this the effect the data, how should it be dealt with?(Check at end of sync process, is the data sync enabled set to true)


      1. Completely remove configuration parameter set as part of story
      2. Create and agree new endpoint exposed to user with team
        1. /v1/ch/{cm-handle}/data-sync?enabled=true/false (PUT/POST - No Body)
        2. /v1/ch/{cm-handle}/set-data-sync-state
        3. /v1/ch/{cm-handle}/set-data-sync-state-enabled
        4. /v1/ch/{cm-handle}/set-data-sync-cache
      3. User cannot use this endpoint before Cm-Handle is in READY state, use same check that is used for passthrough API's(same applies to non-existent cm handles)
      4. Silently ignore data sync enabled if current state is already set
      5. Delete resource data if setting state back to NONE_REQUESTED
      6. Demo to Team

      Out Of Scope

      1. Create CSIT test to verify the data sync


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