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DMI audit support for NCMP: Filter on any properties of CM Handles


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      • Currently, as part of CPS-1136 - the following REST URL is implemented


      However, for a use-case that when a subsystem is removed from a system, the client would want to access which specific subsystem a cm Handle belongs to and this is only accessible in private properties

      Therefore, this user story is to propose an implementation that filters cmHandles with certain properties under a registered dmi-plugin-identifier

      Filtering based on private properties:

        • endpoint (POST):   /ncmpInventory/v1/ch/searches
             additional-properties: [
                {name: xx, value: xx}...



      1.  Return type? (object(NcmpServiceCmHandle) or id?)
      2. Custom exceptions (wrong structure for req. body?)
         not available (no match) additional-properties or dmi-cm-plugin-identifier = Return: 200 with empty [] – 'no cm handles'


      1.   Demo to team and stakeholders
      2.   Testing (unit) Part of Definition-of-Done really  

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