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trustLevel: Last Data Update


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      Scenarios in which "last update time" would be updated:

      1. CM Handle object creation
      2. CM Handle object update 
      3. CM Handle Module Sync
      4. External Notification?
      5. Writing data to passthrough using NCMP (if successful) 


      Not in scope:

      1. CM Handle Data Sync (not applicable for non cache data)
      2. Updates to resource data which exists under the cmhandle anchor performed through NCMP
      3. Updates to resource data which exists under cmhandle anchor using DMI


      1. Create Implementation Proposal
      2. Any updates to a cmhandle object have to also update the last-update-time leaf of the cmhandle object
      3. Watchdog to be implemented based on last-update-time 
        1. Default sleep time TBD
      4. Demo

      Open Questions:

      1. Can we use the last-update-time of the current cmhandle object
      2. Sleep time for watchdog

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