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onap-dcaegen2-services-son-handler - 2019-04-20


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      Switch to recommended non-vulnerable version (last column)


      onap-dcaegen2-services-son-handler  org.springframework.data : spring-data-jpa : 2.0.9.RELEASE The Spring spring-data-jpa package is vulnerable to Information Disclosure. The postProcess() method in the JpaRepositoryConfigExtension class, the build() method in the JpaQueryCreator$PredicateBuilder class, the create() method in the JpaQueryLookupStrategy() class, the next() method in the ParameterMetadataProvider class, the prepare() method in the ParameterMetadataProvider$ParameterMetadata class, the createCreator() method in the PartTreeJpaQuery$QueryPreparer class, the getQueryLookupStrategy() method in the JpaRepositoryFactory class, and the createRepositoryFactory() method in the JpaRepositoryBean class allow control characters in LIKE expressions.
      Switch to 2.0.14.RELEASE

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