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REQ-358 No root (superuser) access to database from application container


      As a DCAE maintainer, I would all DCAE components have DB access be complaint to below requirement 

      1.Application container must not access DB as a root
      2.Dedicated user with privileges limited to only those really required should be used
      3.Application may initialized DB using root account from a dedicated job container

      All service components using pgaas plugin are complaint by default. Following components will need to be assessed.

      • DCAE-Dashboard (Platform component using PG)
      • DCAE-Inventory (Platform comping using PG)
      • TCA-gen2 (mongo)
      • Heartbeat (Postgres)
      • PM-Mapper (mongo)
      • SON-handler 
      • DataLake-Feeder 

      + New Microservices being introduced for Guilin (DES, Slice Analysis MS)


      02/12/2021  - DCAE Dashboard/Inventory update are not required. These components will be deprecated once DCAE Helm transformation work is done.


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