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PRH - align with E/F release updated AAI interfaces and schema


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    • PRH - align with Dublin-updated AAI interfaces and schema

      In Dublin release, the AAI interface with regards to PNFs changes.
      Currently, the PNFs are indexed by pnf-name parameter, and in Dublin, they`ll be indexed by pnf-id parameter to make them compatible with VNFs.

      Implication for PRH module:

      1. The PATCH command on AAI PNF entry cannot be used anymore.
      2. Instead:
        1. A search based on pnf-name needs to be executed (and pnf-id fetched).
        2. The PNF-ID needs to be used to issue a PATCH command.

      This EPIC is planned to cover that interface change.
      There might be other alignments needed in PRH due to AAI interface changes - they`d be handled in this EPIC.

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