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[DMAAP]AAF bootstrap cleanup for DMaaP


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      In https://jira.onap.org/browse/AAF-934  we said:

      Due to the history of how the AAF Bootstrap provisioning was captured, it includes some experimental, incorrect, and test items.  These just pollute the bootstrap, which subsequently gets deployed in all environments, and it can be confusing.

      This task documents the need to clean it up.  We assume that identifying the exact NS, Roles, Perms, etc to be cleaned up need to be provided to AAF team. 

      And Jonathan answered with:

      Please do all the Adjustments for NS, Roles, Permissions, etc in the "TEST System".

      I periodically bring those values back in as INIT data. At this time, they are put into the container, so these need to be done before final Dockers.

      You do, however, need to let me know if you no longer need particular IDs, and I will remove those.


      And he asked us to track as a DMaaP task.  So this is it.

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