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NBI should add relationship to tenant when creating service-subscription in AAI



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      Since NBI won't allow creation of VNF but just the service, we need to be able to use VID to perform the subsequent steps.

      That means the customer service-subscription needs to be related to the cloud(s)/tenant(s) that can be used for that customer/service-type.


        "global-customer-id": "customer_name",

        "service-subscriptions": {

          "service-subscription": [{

        "relationship-list": {

              "relationship": [{

                "related-to": "tenant",

                "relationship-data": [{

                  "relationship-key": "cloud-region.cloud-owner",

                  "relationship-value": "cloud-owner"



                  "relationship-key": "cloud-region.cloud-region-id",

                  "relationship-value": "cloud-region"



                  "relationship-key": "tenant.tenant-id",

                  "relationship-value": "tenant_id"




            "service-type": "model_name"



        "subscriber-name": " customer_name ",

        "subscriber-type": "INFRA"


      It might not actually just be a VID requirement but currently VID does use that info to list the the cloud region and tenants in the drop-down list when creating the VNFs.

      Currently VID throws a 500 error when not able to correlate the customer/service-subscription to a cloud/tenant.

      There is no issue that I could find when using SO API directly, however given this 1st release of NBI does not provide the ability to create VNF, might be best to comply with VID requirements (again, it might not just be needed only for VID)

      Also, I noticed the customer will not show in VID if created with the "BSS" subscriber-type which is what NBI is using by default; maybe we should make it configurable in the properties file ? 

      I think this would help validation and adoption of the NBI (including inventory) if VID could then be used following the service creation by NBI.




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