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Apply minimization best practices to enable the release of efficient container images.


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      Optimize container images


      ONAP Casablanca's release is focused on 'Deployability.' That is to simplify ONAP deployment by operators with the goal of increasing the number of ONAP deployments.

      A critical component of 'Deployability' is the ability to build, verify and deploy images in a short amount of time.

      A Dockerfile is a text file that contains the commands that build an image. Crafting Dockerfiles to build efficient images comes with its fair share of problems and pitfalls. Images are composed of layers. Layers represent filesystem diffs. Layers can add up quickly with negative impacts on image size and resource consumption.

      Problems include, but are not limited to:

      • Using the wrong base image
      • Adding unnecessary layers
      • Not chaining RUN statements
      • Invalidating the cache

      The effect is inefficient container images that take a long time to build, verify and deploy.

      This epic covers the work to research, develop and publish reference Dockerfile templates that enable the release of efficient container images.


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