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Post Orchestration Audit – Data Dictionary Interface


      As a user of POMBA, I would like the option to be able to include a Data Dictionary within the rules in order to be able to validate entries and tuples against defined data standards so that exceptions can be identified and reported.

      This would work for data dictionaries that support a specific API, that POMBA would then integrate into.  In the event that the Data Dictionary is not reachable (eg timeout, etc) or does not exist at the defined location then this should be logged accordingly and the process should continue with comparisons between available contexts. Note that the data in the Dictionary can change in a regular basis so it is necessary that the information be updatable without necessitating a restart.

      The API is defined in


      Swagger specific to the subset of validateInstance that is of interest to this case is defined


      I expect validation service to support the following use case

      1. Here is a value, please tell me if it meets constraints of the attribute (length, type, regex, range, enum, etc.) - validateInstance

      Implementation Hint
      The Validation service should be able to reach a configurable endpoint from where the Data Dictionary can be read and ingested. The purpose of this story is to create a mechanism to communicate with the configurable endpoint and retrieve the information held within the Data Dictionary for the purpose of storing in memory.

      Validation service should be enhanced to be able to consume APIs provided by Data Dictionary tool.

      Validation service will develop an interface to consume the APIs:

      System will be able to communicate with external Data Dictionary system via RestFull APIs, successfully retrieve Data Dictionary values for enhanced audit process.

      Success Criteria

      • Above features are supported
        • Data Dictionary is successfully reachable
          • Note an emulator may be used if no official data dictionary is available in ONAP
        • Data Dictionary successfully used in validation rules executing all of the above use cases - happy and unhappy paths
          • Field found in dictionary and value valid
          • Field found in dictionary and field not valid
          • Field not found in dictionary
      • Code tested and checked in
      • Relevant wiki pages are updated
      • Data is retrieved and available for use locally
      • Failure to retrieve dictionary results in relevant log entries + flow continues based upon available contexts.



      • Additional data dictionary use, tracked separately.
      • Performance expectations - so there is no need to look at speed improvements like caching.

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