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POMBA – Data Dictionary Interface Enhancements


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      As a user of POMBA, I would like additional support for data dictionary integration to enable building of more powerful validation rules.

      The data dictionary API is defined in


      I expect validation service to support the following use cases 

      1. Please get me the list of valid values for this attribute
      2. Here is a subset of attributes in a larger reference table/object, please return full rows that match subset. Note, subset could be one attribute.
      3. Here is a fully qualified row in a reference table/object, please tell me if it's valid


      Success Criteria

      • Above features are supported
        • Data Dictionary is successfully reachable
        • Data Dictionary successfully used in validation rules executing all of the above use cases - happy and unhappy paths
      • Code tested and checked in
      • Relevant wiki pages are updated
      • Data is retrieved and available for use locally
      • Failure to retrieve dictionary results in relevant log entries + flow continues based upon available contexts.

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