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POMBA: A&AI Context Builder: pnf


      As a user of POMBA, I want pnf information available in A&AI to be available for audit/validation.  I expect any available information to be returned in compliance with the Context Builder API, which is in turn compliant to the POMBA Common model.


      I expect all the fields noted in the model shall be returned, when information is available in its source. I expect the dataQuality field to be supported as defined.


      Acceptance Criteria

      • Code complete, design tested, checked in and merged
      • Tested against A&AI data (real or simulated; compliant to API specifications) that covers a range of response
        • If possible run against real data in the integration lab
      • Compliance with ONAP Dublin coding requirements
      • Wiki pages updated as applicable
      • Demo in working group, either stand alone or as part of larger, end to end demo.

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