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Posting to DMAAP seems to be intermittent


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      When testing posting orchestration-events to data-router, it was noted that the context aggregator was not consuming any of the topics. However the REST client responded back with 200 indicating success.
      Upon further investigation it looks like the topics are not being created correctly.

      Note, this is an intermittent occurrence, so might be pretty hard to reproduce. However, should be looked at.
      DMAAP seems to have some stability issues w.r.t to this bug.

      // Message Router Logs


      // DR logs

      2018-11-13T13:39:48.787Z|3caa1598-49ce-4be0-94ee-fff56e65c36b|https-jsse-nio-9502-exec-1|DataRouter|TEST|org.onap.aai.datarouter.service.AuditService||INFO|DR0009I|DR0009I Received request POST from Sending response: 200|
      2018-11-13T13:39:49.049Z||pool-2-thread-1|DataRouter||com.att.nsa.mr.client.impl.MRSimplerBatchPublisher||INFO|sending 1 msgs to http://message-router.onap:3904/events/POA-AUDIT-INIT?partitionKey=0. Oldest: 262 ms
      2018-11-13T13:39:49.058Z||pool-2-thread-1|DataRouter||com.att.nsa.mr.client.impl.MRSimplerBatchPublisher||INFO|MR reply ok (9 ms):{"serverTimeMs":0,"count":1,"status":200}

      // Topics

      {"topics": [ "POA-RULE-VALIDATION", "__consumer_offsets", "POA-AUDIT-RESULT", "POA-AUDIT-INIT" ]}

      // Topic consumed
      curl -X GET -H "content-type:application/json" -H "accept:application/json"

      How to reproduce this issue?
      Deploy POMBA via OOM
      Post orchestration-event to the data-router
      Look at the aggregator logs. If it does not show events are being consumed, then the issue has been reproduced.
      >> look at DR to see if its posting
      >> look at MR to see if its complaining

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