2019-08-20 ArcCom

      • Kanagaraj presented: https://wiki.onap.org/download/attachments/50202249/ONAP%20managed%20VNF%20190819.pptx?api=v2
      • The proposal is to go through the controller to do the config via a controller.
      • the CLI will have an abstraction to the end user, not VNF specific provisioning
      • The suggestion is to use CDS for APPC and SDC
      • It is important to remmber that its one controller speaking to a VNF.
      • Note: Start with healthcheck.  CAn be extneded towards the VNF configuration.
      • Northbound of the APPC/SDNC controller, it is assumed to be a single VNF irrespective of how the communication that is done between the controller and the VNF (for the non VFC/EMS approach).  For the case of a EMS is used, the communication is via that.
      • There was a question where the VNFM plug into SO; and a controller can be used to configure there.  This was answered that it can be supported for that.
      • There was a question about how to do the configuration external from the VFC for that path.
      • Its a PoC for Frankfurt.
      • For the controller interface contact Oskar Malm and the APPC PTL


      Kanagaraj Manickam presented about CLI and ONAP.

      • CLI is based on Open Command Specification (OCS) engine
      • Question: Relation with the External API project
      • Questioning the value of having a CLI for the infrastructure
      • Comment that its not good to have two interfaces to the VNFs, hence option 1 for teh VNFs and PNFs

      It was felt that the VNFs/PNFs CLI is worth persuing. 

      There were some other integration with VTP and SO that needs to be taken offline.


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