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Multi-domain optical service arch review


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      Archcom 2019-10-15 ArchCom Rahavan presented slide 08 of: xxxxx

      • the optical use cases is being included in the CCVPN case.
      • Generalize the service and resource modelling in OTN
      • There are different standards involved towards the networks (from the controller).
      • General service models will allow re-use of the existing APIs.
      • It is expected that the service framework part in SO is the same, the modelling has to be seen.

      Note: First release for opticial is service decomposition and instantation, no closed loop yet.

      This is considered approved for M1 from an architecture prective.  note: the modelling alignment needs to be taken through ModCom.


      Multi Domain Optical Network Services use case was presented by Raghuvan: https://wiki.onap.org/download/attachments/50202249/optical-usecase-onaparchcom.pptx?api=v2

      Using the ONAP architecture with feature enhancements with no significant change to the architecture.

      • Develop the e2e workflow definitions
      • Onboarding the resources for L0, L1.
      • Modelling impacts in the resource information model and service information model
      • Assuming two different ONAP instances.

       It was commented that the framework approach for all layers was the same.  It was suggested to join this was proposals from.  It uses ONF-TAPI and open Roadm, but should be flexible for the different standards.

       Frankfurt: each SP designs their own service.  The cross service provider domain has touch points with CCVPN.  Identify the delta between CCVPN provides compared with what the multidomain optical network services use case provides.

       No notable objections nor concerns raised, just the due diligence is required to ensure evaluation and alignment with CCVPN and report back..

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