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SO charts are missing startup dependencies on mariadb pod


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      Several of the SO pods go through cycles of start/fail/restart until the so-mariadb pod is fully up.  These charts should be updated to add a dependency on mariadb.


      Currently pods start up and look like this (ignore so-monitoring for now), focus on the 'RESTARTS' column

      $ kubectl get pods -n onap
      NAME                                           READY     STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
      devel-so-555cf87554-9st86                      1/1       Running            2          21h
      devel-so-bpmn-infra-6f98d4cf47-gck9x           1/1       Running            1          21h
      devel-so-catalog-db-adapter-c9867c556-lw45r    1/1       Running            3          21h
      devel-so-mariadb-56697f68dc-2wqkk              1/1       Running            0          21h
      devel-so-monitoring-688c8dd95f-gr2kr           0/1       CrashLoopBackOff   200        21h
      devel-so-openstack-adapter-7c8dc75c4d-j5b68    1/1       Running            4          21h
      devel-so-request-db-adapter-58985f5858-8dbt8   1/1       Running            4          21h
      devel-so-sdc-controller-676c99ffb7-s4ndp       1/1       Running            2          21h
      devel-so-sdnc-adapter-5bdc599596-dmlw6         1/1       Running            0          21h
      devel-so-vfc-adapter-5ff6879598-wzxqv          1/1       Running            2          21h


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