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Remove components and options from charts


    • Helmchart cleanup
    • To Do

      In London a number of components will be removed from deployment.
      These component charts should be removed (or archived) from OOM.

      • APPC
      • PORTAL
      • VID
      • LOG?? → to be checked, whether supported or added as "optional" base component
      • CONTRIB
      • PLATFORM (partly)
      • CONSUL
      • AAF (later)
      • VNFSDK ?
      • CLI ?

      What we need to clarify:

      • should we move them in an "archived" folder or completely delete them?
      • who needs to confirm (PTLs, Architecture, TSC)?
        • Fiachra will start in the TSC on 08.12. (APPC, PORTAL, VID)

      Additionally a limited number of deployment options shoul be supported (need to be agreed with the community):

      • Default/Production
        • Pods run in "Plain" mode (nonTLS)
        • Service Mesh enables
        • Istio-Ingress
        • Tested in Daily+Gating
      • Development/Unsecure
        • Pods run in "Plain" mode (nonTLS)
        • Ingress optional
          • Off: NodePorts as access
          • ON: Ingress (NGinx)


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