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Bypass vnc-portal for ONAP portal access



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      Posting as a documentation capture until we write it up on the wiki
      Thanks Vitaly

      From: Vitaly Lavrusevich
      Sent: March 21, 2018 12:42 PM

      On top of the below a small comment. Once you login as a “demo” user to the Portal and try to open VID application you might face an error as show on Figure 1. The cause is probably that first K8s service is trying to be accessed and if not found the frame uses an address.
      To overcome that simply close the tab and click on VID application again, you shell see welcome page as shown on Figure 2.
      Figure 1:

      Figure 2:

      Vitaly Lavrusevich, MSc

      From: Vitaly Lavrusevich
      Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 10:55 AM

      Yes and I’m pretty sure that better and more elegant solution exists, but that one was a quick workaround.

      In order to use portal in Firefox/Chrome from a local machine please follow the below guidelines. Those were tested by going through the complete on-boarding process of Firewall VNF of ONAP Amsterdam release on Ubuntu 16.04 machine using FireFox.

      Proxy configuration – “…/hosts” file is not read

      One of the post-installation steps is to add domain name  IP mappings into the “hosts” file of OS (https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Tutorial%3A+Accessing+the+ONAP+Portal )
      Unfortunately, that file is not read neither by Firefox, Chrome, nor IE in some “proxy” configuration constellation, therefore “unknown” host errors may still show-up. To overcome that proxy settings of the browser needs to be manually set. When proxy settings are not automatic but manual the “hosts” file is honored. Below is FireFox proxy configuration used (please note “No Proxy for” field as well):

      “Redirector” plugin: (also available for Chrome)

      The current issue with the portal is that internal URLs are hardcoded an use the port that is local and accessible only from within K8s cluster. In order to overcome that a lightweight plugin called Redirector can be installed on FireFox.
      Once the plugin is installed you should define the redirects from URLs that use cluster port to publically exposed port (e.g. NodePort) for each URL used internally by Portal.

      Attached are exported settings for most of the URLs, for ONAP Amsterdam release, that can be imported into the plugin as is.

      • If you still encounter an error saying that some service is not accessible on some port then you would need to check if there is a K8s Service defined for the service under URL, how it is publically accessed (NodePort , LB, Ingress) and add the mapping accordingly.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly in case of any further questions.

      Vitaly Lavrusevich, MSc


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