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Create a new simplified API for creating policies


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      As a ONAP developer, I would like to create a simplified REST API for creating policies.

      The current API expects policy type id & policy type version to be part of the URI.


       For example: to create policy we have to do this:


      private Response createPolicy(final ToscaServiceTemplate toscaServiceTemplate) throws PolicyForwardingException

      {         *final* String policyType = toscaServiceTemplate.getToscaTopologyTemplate().getPolicies().get(0).entrySet()                 .iterator().next().getValue().getType();         *final* String policyTypeVersion = toscaServiceTemplate.getToscaTopologyTemplate().getPolicies().get(0).entrySet()                 .iterator().next().getValue().getTypeVersion();         *return* invokeHttpClient(Entity._entity_(toscaServiceTemplate, MediaType.*_APPLICATION_JSON_*),                 "/policy/api/v1/policytypes/" + policyType + "/versions/" + policyTypeVersion + "/policies", "API"); }


      Whereas the URI should be something simple like “policy/api/v1/policies” with a POST input body.

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