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The submit operation in Clamp cannot be achieved successfully


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      When there are multiple policies defined in a loop, the submit operation cannot be completed. It's probably related to the changes in the way clamp-be generates the PDP payload.

      The different actions (POST/DELETE) in the batch must be grouped per pdp group and cannot be sent freely like that (PAP does not support it)


      Other issue:

      the submit always fail even if it succeeds on the PEF

      java.lang.NullPointerException: text
      at java.base/java.util.Objects.requireNonNull(Objects.java:246)
      at java.base/java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter.parse(DateTimeFormatter.java:1945)
      at java.base/java.time.ZonedDateTime.parse(ZonedDateTime.java:598)
      at org.onap.policy.clamp.clds.util.LoggingUtils.setElapsedTime(LoggingUtils.java:253)
      at org.onap.policy.clamp.clds.util.LoggingUtils.exiting(LoggingUtils.java:244)
      at org.onap.policy.clamp.flow.log.FlowLogOperation.errorLog(FlowLogOperation.java:77)

      It seems that the errolog is executed while it should not ??

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