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Study of how to implement TCS Control Loops using a TOSCA appraoch


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      Cloudify support is being removed from DCAE in the Jakarta release and this decision impacts on the Policy Framework

      • CLAMP flow for Control Loop Deployment using Cloudify is broken, we will not be able to do a Control Loop deployment in DCAE using Cloudify blueprints
      • The best approach would be to use the TOSCA based approach and retire the support for the Cloudy approach
      • We will keep the Cloudify code for this release, and move forward with the TOSCA/Participant approach
      • For the TCA use case, we will get it working with the TOSCA/Participant approach
      • There will not be much client impacts
      • The CLAMP front end will remain, as it supports the TOSCA/Participant approach and also supports Policy creation and Service Template
      • Sébastien Determe  has already checked the CLAMP front end code in policy/gui so it is OK to remove the CLAMP front end code from the policy/clamp repo
      • The DCAE design for blueprint processing in DCAE-MOD now works towards a chart museum, so this part of the flow will change
      • Some of the current work flow may be replaced with manual steps and/or with the TOSCA/Participant Commissioning/Instantiation flows
      • We will use the PMSH use case as a starting point
      • There is development happening in SDC in Jakarta to support TOSCA based control loops, see this EPIC:  POLICY-2952 - R10: TOSCA Control Loop Design Time In Progress
      • Possible improvements in Jakarta and beyond
        • Possibility to list available microservices and other control loop elements at design time
        • Possibility to list running/viable microservices and other control loop elements at run time
      • Currently CLAMP queries CDS for information but this is a "nice to have" rather than a "must have" feature
      • We will have to change pairwise testing and tests run by OOM to use the changed Control Loop implementation
      • Actions Arising:
        • Gervais-Martial Ngueko  will prepare a wiki page in  the Jakarta collaboration area no the next steps
        • Liam Fallon  will coordinate removal of the CLAMP front end code in the policy/clamp repo

      See the Policy Framework meeting minutes from the 15th of December, 2021


      This story covers the work to study how TCS Control Loops can be implemented using the TOSCA approach.


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