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All containers must run as non-root user


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    • All containers must run as non-root user
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       Description of Use Case / Requirement:

       This effort has been started in F with ONAP containers. Now we want to extend this to all containers that are deployed as a part of OOM.

      Owners (one of these should be the Assignee - use @ notation): kopasiak sdesbure


      Link to HLD/LLD (if any):


      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects:


      Project Impact (Test Only (TO), Code (C)):


      Support Status for each Affected Project (Supported (S); Partially Supported (P); Not Supported (N)):

      Note: for any affected projects labeled 'P' or 'N', please document the resulting gaps.


      Integration Leads (use @ notation): 


      Company Engagement: Samsung, Orange


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