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PNF Software Upgrade using direct Netconf/Yang interface with PNF


    • PNF Software upgrade Using direct Netconf/Yang interface with PNF
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      PNF software upgrade is one aspect of Software Management. The purpose of this procedure is to upgrade the software currently running on the PNF to a target software version without impacts on PNF schema and service template.


       - Enhancement and additions of PNF in-place software update.

       - Support direct PNF NETCONF interface with the vendor-specific YANG model.

       - Enhance SO in-place software upgrade workflow with generic SO building blocks, which can be used for workflow design in the design time.

       - Using CDS self-service API between SO and controller with the support of PNF in-place software upgrade

       - Enhance VID to demonstrate single PNF in-place software upgrade

       - Enhance SO procedure to support AAI update after the software upgrade completion.

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