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enhance TOSCA_lab for new policy related types and behavior


    • Sprint:
      SDC Sprint 24


      1. There seems to be no way in TOSCA_lab to generate a blueprint with multiple dcae.nodes.policy nodes attached to the component node.  We need that behavior in R2. 
      2. TOSCA_lab needs to be enhanced to support creating multiple nodes in the blueprint with the new node-type of dcae.nodes.policies that contains the policy_filter data structure that mimics the PDP /getConfig API to allow the component developer attaching any varying collection of policies to the component. 
      3. lower priority - we need an option in TOSCA_lab to separate the generation of the component blueprint (from component spec) from the generation of the policy models (from policy spec) because
        1. the relationship is many-to-many between the policies and components – there is no way to have that defined in a single spec
        2. the same policy can be applicable to more than one component => should be modeled upfront and then just attached to the component 
        3. decoupling the development of the blueprint of the component from the policy structure will simplify the onboarding process of the component into DCAE Controller


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