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ETSI Alignment - SO SOL003 plugin support to connect to external VNFMs


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    • SO VNFM Adapter to support ETSI SVNFM plug-in
    • Dublin SO Sprint 2

      ETSI Alignment - SO SOL003 plugin support to connect to an external VNFM. 

      • Leverage ETSI standards for VNF LCM in SO
      • Build SO VNFM Adapter
        • Use SOL003 APIs (2.5.1) for VNF LCM
        • Support operations such as create, instantiate, grant, terminate, Delete, LCN subscription, LCN and VNF package management
        • Support of Query is deferred to El Alto
      • Enhance SO BPMN workflows & recipes
        • VNF-level and VF-Module workflows, leveraging VNFM Adapter 
        • Support of VF-Module workflows are deferred to El Alto for scaling modeling issues. 
        • Passing VNF LCM requests to VNFM using VNFM Adapter
      •  Provide VNF package management for VNFM (Stretch Goal; under investigation)


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