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Need to Pass WF Name vs. WF Type to VID


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      An initiated workflow does not show up on the status screen..  


      SO is passing the internal SO workflow type to VID when status is requested and the WF Type is displayed on the status screen.  SO is supposed to provide the name of the workflow for this purpose.  Can the WF Name vs. the WF Type be written into the same field being used today or would a new field need to be added to this VID-SO Interface?  Here is an example of the difference between WF Type and WF Name:


      A user creates a WF with the name InPlaceSWUwithPause.  This workflow is of “Type” InPlaceSWU.  The VID Status screen should display the WF NAME:  “InPlaceSWUwithPause”.  Instead it is displaying the WF TYPE: “InPlaceSWU”.   If the user then creates a WF with the name “MyInPlaceSWU” the status screen will again display “InPlaceSWU”.  The user has no way of knowing which WF is which.


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