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Terminate NS NBI support


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      • Precondition: NS instance is INSTANTIATED state
      • SOL007 NS packages are stored in ETSI Catalog Manager.
      • the Cli-based SO NFVO Client is ready to send the SOL005-compliant Terminate NS request
      • The SO-NFVO (so-etsi-nfvo) pod is ready

      • Supports the SOL005-compliant Terminate NS API
        • Supports Terminate NS request API: POST /api/nslcm/v1/ns_instances/{nsInstanceId}/terminate (TerminateNsRequest)
        • Supports responses 202 Accepted with an empty payload body
          • Returns a dummy 202 until the backend business logic is ready¬†
          • Use a Location HTTP header that points to the new individual NS Lifecycle Operation Occurrence resource; i.e. the URI of that resource (.../ns_lcm_op_occs/{nsLcmOpOccId}
        • Supports the Sends nsLcmOperationOccurrenceNotifiation with nsLcmOpOccId, notificationStatus (start, result) until the result status becomes COMPLETED¬†
        • Optionally, Terminate NS operations uses the GET individual NS LCM operation occurrence request and response
      • Error handling: if the operation is failed, error information is provided in the notification message


      Note: secure communication is handled by a separate user story, SO-3165.

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