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Send NS Notifications Backend Service


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      Supports the Send NS Notification operation and workflows which do the following sequence:

      <Send NS Notification: note: the following workflow is a template, and it can be enhanced as needed.>

      • Supports SOL005-compliant Send NS Notification operation
      • Supports input parameters handling:
        • Initialize Parameter:
          • query NFVO_SUBSCRIPTION DB for the given key
          • get the callback URI from the return subscription 
      • Formulates notification data (one of the followings)
        • NsLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification,
        • NsIdentifierCreationNotification,
        • NsIdentifierDeletionNotification or
        • NsChangeNotification
      • Sends notifications to the subscriber(s) for NS LCM: POST <<callback URI>> (<<Notification>>)
      • Gets response: 204 No Content from the subscriber (e.g, SO SOL005 Adapter)

            byungwoojun Byung-Woo Jun
            byungwoojun Byung-Woo Jun
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