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Refactor SO to enhance the usability



    • Refactor SO
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      This is to refactor the SO components to multiple sub projects and provide a plug and play function aspect to the code.

      1. reduce SO overall build time,
      2. make SO a flexible and extensible platform,
      3. bringing in additional sub-components without affecting other SO sub-components, and
      4. allowing individual sub-component release lifecycle 


      Implementation Steps:

      1st Steps:

      Separate the components on an as-needed basis from the SO Core components

      For those components on an as-needed basis, we will have:

          - a separate project per component

          - a separate repo per component

          - a separate Jenkins build job per component


      2nd Steps:

          - Once the core component and those optional components are ready (i.e., successfully created their projects, repos, Jenkins scripts and builds), those components will be integrated into SO as needed

          - OOM scripts will be enhanced for integration



      Info on how to create projects / repos:


      Correct clone options for your LFID will be available here: .. _info-master: https://gerrit.linuxfoundation.org/infra/admin/repos/releng/info-master

      Example of cloning the info-master repo and creating a new repo “example-parent/example-child” on gerrit.example.org
      git clone ssh://LFID@gerrit.linuxfoundation.org:29418/releng/info-master cd info-master/gerrit.example.org/example-parent/ mkdir example-child/ && cd example-child
      We are now in an empty directory whose name matches the repository we are creating. We must create an INFO.yaml file in this directory and submit it for review. We have created an optional helper to expediate this step, it makes creating and INFO.yaml file quicker and less error prone.
      lftools infofile create-info-file gerrit.example.org example-parent/example-child --empty --tsc_approval "https://link.to.meeting.minutes" > INFO.yaml
      We must now pause and fill out the empty sections on the INFO.yaml
      vim INFO.yaml #(add committers and lead) tox #(check that you have entered valid yaml) git add INFO.yaml git commit -sv git review


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