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[vFWCL] Policy ControlLoop name is not matching with TCA



      This is known deficiency described in DOC



      The control loop name in DCAE’s TCA micro-service needs to match the Operational Policy control loop name. Due to timing robot scripts that setup the operational policy do not change the control loop name in DCAE. Do the following to update DCAE’s consul entry for TCA to match the name assigned by robot to the operational policy. The control loop name generated by policy can be viewed in the log.html page on robot from the instantiateVFWCL.

      • Connect to Consul: http://<k8s_host_ip>:30270/ui/#/dc1/services (change the IP based on the K8S cluster IP assignment)
      • Click Key/Value on the bar at the top of the Consul menu
      • Select “dcae-tca-analytics” microservice from the list on the left
      • Search for “closedLoopControlName” key in the configuration policy JSON object
      • Replace the standard ControlLoop-vFirewall-* closed loop names with the one generated by robot
      • Click “Update” button to update the configuration policy


      the aim of this task is to fix this part to make instantiateVFWCL working E2E


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