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VID support for PNF PnP: use Modern UI



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    • VID support for PNF PnP: PNF-ID parameter displayed in Modern UI
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      Within ONAP/Guilin release, the SO PNF PnP workflows have been refactored to BB technology.

      The VID SO API generation module need to be updated for support updated SO API interface, and consume an instancename parameter provided in the GUI (subject of VID-694). The SO API generation is covered in VID-695.

      Still, we need to display the PNF instacneName, following conditions need to be met:

      1. The Service model contains a PNF Resource
      2. The Service Model type is within a list of selected service models (e.g. 5G and vCPE - display PNF-ID, but don`t do that for vLB).

      This EPIC is expected to provide relevant implementation in VID to support this Service Model specific parameter. There will be (at least) two stories related to that EPIC:

      1. Modify the new VID GUI (Modern UI) in order to display the PNF instanceName, under conditions mentioned before
      2. Modify the VID Backend to include that input entry in the SO API call

      EPIC is dependant on SO EPIC: SO-1838 (expected to provide the SO/GR API capability for PNF PNP)


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