Name: dcae-collector-dmaapbc-1520987080-mhbsx Namespace: onap-dcae Node: Start Time: Wed, 07 Feb 2018 14:04:36 +0530 Labels: app=dcae-collector-dmaapbc pod-template-hash=1520987080 Annotations:{"kind":"SerializedReference","apiVersion":"v1","reference":{"kind":"ReplicaSet","namespace":"onap-dcae","name":"dcae-collector-dmaapbc-1520987080","uid":"ba8889f9-0be1-11e8-8... Status: Running IP: Created By: ReplicaSet/dcae-collector-dmaapbc-1520987080 Controlled By: ReplicaSet/dcae-collector-dmaapbc-1520987080 Containers: dcae-collector-dmaapbc: Container ID: docker://e6fd484fa0167374000ad583da04ac47422c24a6b7edd877e97e024a62bb3f4a Image: Image ID: docker-pullable:// Ports: 18080/TCP, 18443/TCP State: Running Started: Wed, 07 Feb 2018 14:04:58 +0530 Ready: True Restart Count: 0 Environment: Mounts: /opt/app/config from dcae-collector-dmaapbc-config (rw) /var/run/secrets/ from default-token-ns60h (ro) Conditions: Type Status Initialized True Ready True PodScheduled True Volumes: dcae-collector-dmaapbc-config: Type: HostPath (bare host directory volume) Path: /dockerdata-nfs/onap/dcae/dmaapbc/config default-token-ns60h: Type: Secret (a volume populated by a Secret) SecretName: default-token-ns60h Optional: false QoS Class: BestEffort Node-Selectors: Tolerations: for 300s for 300s Events: Type Reason Age From Message ---- ------ ---- ---- ------- Normal Scheduled 8m default-scheduler Successfully assigned dcae-collector-dmaapbc-1520987080-mhbsx to Normal SuccessfulMountVolume 8m kubelet, MountVolume.SetUp succeeded for volume "dcae-collector-dmaapbc-config" Normal SuccessfulMountVolume 8m kubelet, MountVolume.SetUp succeeded for volume "default-token-ns60h" Normal Pulling 7m kubelet, pulling image "" Normal Pulled 7m kubelet, Successfully pulled image "" Normal Created 7m kubelet, Created container Normal Started 7m kubelet, Started container Warning DNSSearchForming 28s (x11 over 8m) kubelet, Search Line limits were exceeded, some dns names have been omitted, the applied search line is: onap-dcae.svc.cluster.local svc.cluster.local cluster.local kubelet.kubernetes.rancher.internal kubernetes.rancher.internal rancher.internal