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AAI: Store orchestration-type parameter as part of model-ver:object


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      SDC is currently using AAI to store the meta-data information about service models.
      Essentially, this is done using model-ver:object (storing version-specific information about Service Models).

      We need to extend the model-ver:object, to incorporate an additional parameter related to Service-Model - "orchestration-type".
      The are 2 allowed names for orchestration-type:

      • "a-la-carte"
      • "macro"
        Default is "a-la-carte", and a Service Model needs to have always the orchestration-type assigned.
        Goal of this Story is to extend the existing object model, with this additional parameter.

      Use AAI-ModelLoader component of AAI to store the value of service model`s orchestration-type in relevant AAI model-ver object field.


      • Extend the model-ver:object (orchestration-type is version-specific)
      • Add a field: orchestration-type
      • Field type: string
      • Required?: No
      • Extend the AAI-ML CSAR processor to fill-up the new field defined before

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