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Schema-service entity description is not available


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      Getting the description of "plural" entities does not work, this call:




      returns NULL, but when we look at the OXM we see:

      <xs:element name="generic-vnfs">
                <annox:annotate target="class">@org.onap.aai.annotations.Metadata(description="Collection of VNFs")</annox:annotate>
              <xs:element ref="tns:generic-vnf" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="5000"/>

      As vk250x found out it is because:

      "For only the plural objects such as generic-vnfs, tenants and etc, they have two xml-properties child nodes to the parent node java-type in the oxm files.

              <java-type name="GenericVnfs">


                      <xml-property name="description" value="Collection of VNFs"/>


                  <xml-root-element name="generic-vnfs"/>


                      <xml-element container-type="java.util.ArrayList" java-attribute="genericVnf" name="generic-vnf" type="inventory.aai.onap.org.v16.GenericVnf"/>



                      <xml-property name="maximumDepth" value="0"/>




      It’s a bug in the oxm files it seems."


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