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CCSDK Enhancements for 5G OOF SON use case in Kohn release



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    • CCSDK Enhancements for 5G OOF SON use case in Kohn release



      This Jira captures all CCSDK work need for the 5G OOF SON use case in Kohn release. The work relates to adding support for A1-based action in SDNR. There is a dependency on RAN-Sim support.

      Note: There is no change to SDN-R for PCI/O1 flow in Kohn release. This means that the CL msg from SONH-MS to Policy to SDN-R will have same payload as Jakarta release. The CL Msg payload does not use O-RAN yang model, but when the netconf message is generated in SDN-R, the O-RAN aligned yang model is used. RANSim also use O-RAN yang model (as per work from J release).


      1) A1 support in SDN-R

      As of Jakarta release, there are two types of control messages processed by SDN-R. Both were processed as netconf config messages going to RAN-Sim as part of an O1 interface action.
      (a) PCI flow: modify pci value in a cell. (nRPCI in nRDUCell)
      (b) ANR flow: respond to poor handover (HO) kpi for a particular neighbor relation by modifying HO blacklist property (isBlacklisted in NRCellRelation)

      For Kohn release, the first PCI message will continue to be an O1 flow using netconf edit. However, the processing for the second ANR message will change. Instead of an O1 netconf config, it will be an A1 policy message to a A1 Termination in RAN-Sim. The end result will be similar, in that the HO blacklist property will be modified in RAN-Sim. There is a dependency on RAN-Sim enhancment (also part of Kohn release) for a new A1 Termination and abstracted RAN App for the ANR SON use case.

      The A1 flow has been developed and tested. Some CCSDK code changes required were identified during end-to-end testing and these have been deferred to next release. Please see:

      CCSDK-3817 CCSDK Enhancements for 5G OOF SON use case in London release - ONAP JIRA



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