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CDS CBA package to support day 2 configuration (k8s configure API updates)


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      Update CDS CBA package to account for changes in the Multi-Cloud k8s plugin after Guillen.  The CDS package performed the following -

      1. Call k8s plug-in configureAPI and upload the configuration templates
      2. Call k8s plug-in valuesAPI to modify the configuration
      3. Test the CDS invocation during the SO ModifyConfig flow.

      The Day2 Kotlin script makes the following api call to upload a revised config consisting of the supported snssai payload.


      POST https://<IP>:30283/api/multicloud-k8s/v1/v1/rb/definition/<rbname>/<rb-version>/profile/<profile-name>/config

      This endpoint is no longer supported as of Honolulu and the current script fails.  The Kotlin script KotlinK8sUpdateConfig.kt needs to be updated to upload the supported snssai payload using the new Multicloud k8s plugin Instance endpoint;

      POST https://{IP Address}:30283/api/multicloud-k8s/v1/v1/instance/{instance-name}/config/{config-name}

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