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Create Data Synchronization watchdog


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      (Many technical issue are similar/already resolved as part of https://jira.onap.org/browse/CPS-875)

      Step 1-4 Similar to Module Watch dog:

      1. look for (using cpsPath query) ONE (shuffle?) CM Handle (overal) State = 'READY' and Sync State 'UNSYNCHRONIZED'
        1. Modulesyncwatchdog (reference)
      2. execute Data Sync (read from root) using CPS-Core Java API
        1. Get the data - org.onap.cps.ncmp.api.impl.operations.DmiDataOperations#getResourceDataFromDmi (similar method)
        2. Data conversion - Analyze -> Need to get the structure of the Response from getResourceDataFromDmi
        3. Save the data - org.onap.cps.api.impl.CpsDataServiceImpl#saveData(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.time.OffsetDateTime)
      3. Set CM Handle Sync State 'SYNCHRONIZED' (& update timestamp)



      1. Do we need to have the intermediate 'SYNCHRONIZING' state?
        no, use HazelCast distributed cache to keep this 'state'
      2. What exactly read from top-level element means?
        See (old) demo here: https://wiki.onap.org/download/attachments/93000392/CPS-231.mp4?version=2&modificationDate=1614013592000&api=v2
      3. Yet to discuss on the failure scenario (validation errors)
        Log error, set state to Locked-misbehaving with reason details
      4. Once data sync is completed the CM handle (overall) state should be updated? -> No. CM Handle will remain in READY State.
      5. How to get the resourceIdentifier ? e.g.  "stores:bookstore"
        this identifier consists off the <module-name>: <top-level-container-name>
        Use SchemaContext (ODL) Java object defined and created heer: org.onap.cps.yang.YangTextSchemaSourceSetBuilder#generateSchemaContext
        Instead setup a new simulator set-up with just one module and one top-level-container (work with JosephKeenan if possible)
      6. What should be the parentNodeXpath value? /dmi-registry? (in saveData)
        No parent paths, use Java AP-Method: org.onap.cps.api.CpsDataService#saveData(String dataspaceName, String anchorName, String jsonData, OffsetDateTime observedTimestamp);
        dataspaceName = 'NFP-Operational'
        anchorName = CM-Handle-Id
      7. If data already exists?
        Throw exception! (workaround for client is to delete the data)



      1. Document and Agree proposal with Team 
      2. Demo to show the data being synchronised successfully from the RAN-Sim. [Need to have some CM handle state = ADVISED for the Module sync watchdog to update the cm handle state to READY.]




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