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      Other uses cases also covered by these endpoints and they have to be handled separately for backward compatibility reasons

      Existing (separate) URL Endpoints

      1. /v1/ch/{cm-handle}/data/ds/ncmp-datastore:passthrough-operational:
        1. get
      2. /v1/ch/{cm-handle}/data/ds/ncmp-datastore:passthrough-running[?topicName,includeDescendant]:
        1. get
        2. post
        3. put
        4. patch
        5. delete

      New approach ONE generic URL


      Datastore get post put patch delete
      passthrough-operational supported No No No No
      passthrough-running supported supported supported supported supported
      operational supported No No No No

      Insert a check at the start of post, put, path, delete for datastores, thrown an exception if it is not 'passtrough-running' -> handle with 400 (bad request)


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