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Allow separate registration of DMIDataPlugin and DmiModelPugin


      • Register 2 separate plugins for different responsibilities model v. data (for scaling purposes)
      • Backward compatible! i.e. can still register 1 plugin for both (ONAP plugin will keep using that)
      • Basic checks while registering: Either 2 separate Plugins OR 1 common plugin for both responsibilities. If not reject registration!
      • Required DB Schema update, see https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/CPS-352+%3A+Create+yang-model+for+DMI-registry+data  (new revision of that model) Possible add 2 new leaves for separate registration

      2 Parts:

      1. Registration 1 or 2 separate plugins
      2. When executing how to retrieve correct address, need data/model enum and check all 3 fields


      1. Propose new Yang model and agree with team (possible include algorithm to resolve addressing)
      2. Update yang model for data storage using liquibase steps
      3. Registration of single model works as before
      4. Registration of 2 separate models succeeds
        1. Even when both plugins refer to same instance (handy for testing with ONAP DMI Plugin)
      5. Any other combination of registration will fail with an Exception (xxx HTTP error)


      • CPS Team will NOT implement a separate plugin instance (ONAP DMI plugin will stay combined)
      • Error handling mismatches with previous registration (e.g migrating from single to split registration)


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