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CPS does not (fully) remove cm handle information when a registration is removed


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      From mail Csaba Éder <csaba.eder@ericsson.com>:

      "I have a question about delete (removedCmHandles)

      When I try to delete a cmhandle from NCMP, it works fine if it was not fully discovered and registered (e.g previously and error occured during getting the models), than I can re-register it.

      If I try to delete a fully registered cmhandle than it said ok, but after than when I try to re-register it I got an error, so it was not deleted from everywhere:

      │ cmhandle123 Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "schema_set_name_dataspace_id_key"                                                     │

      │ cmhandle123   Detail: Key (name, dataspace_id)=(4FB8831546394B34B6656DB577CB37B1, 1) already exists.  


      Is it the expected behavior of the delete or it is a bug?"

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