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Yang Resource formatting is incorrect (during model sync)


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      Possible issues, investigation needed

      • Required escape characters are removed
      • complete code should be wrapped in " tokens


      To dicuss:"It appears that the property yangSource is not sufficiently well described, as some interoperability issues are being seen for the Ericsson internal DMI plugin. In absence of additional documentation, the following would be expected:

      • yangSource contains exactly the original YANG module source code, except that it is further encoded as JSON string following escaping rules that can be found e g in RFC8259

      The reality seems to be:

      • yangSource either must not contain ‘\’ characters, or some redundant characters must be added  (prior to JSON encoding) to compensate for the removal step in NCMP
      • yangSource must have additional wrapping with quotes, meaning that actual JSON would look like “\”<code>\””

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