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CPS-Core sends DELETE notification event


      In cps-core, a 'DELETE' notification event should be sent

      • when an anchor is deleted or
      • delete Data Node is called with root XPath.

      The existing event scheme does not have an 'operation' field to differentiate between 'CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE'. The changes are also required to update the existing notification to send the correct value for the new field.

      In the case of 'DELETE' event notification, the 'data' field should not be provided as defined in the event.

      The details are provided  https://wiki.onap.org/x/54IEBw 


      • Demo to the team when the E2E functionality is ready.
      • Sends event V2 and always provides value for the 'operation' field.
      • Delete event does not have 'data' field

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