As DMI Plugin developers we have experienced that a cmHandle registration takes quite some time in NCMP. Since there are no INFO/DEBUG level logs in NCMP service, we can not check where the time is spent.

      • For debugging reasons, please add request logging for following classes, to be able to trace request processing:
        • DmiRestController.java (is this really required for stakeholder?)
        • NetworkCmProxyController.java
        • NetworkCmProxyInventoryController.java
      • Please make log level configurable from environment variable (INFO, DEBUG, etc.)

      Notes from team (grooming)

      Implementation options

      • Consider automatic logging for all rest endpoint entry and exit points?
        • AOP Aspect Orientated Programming (plenty of examples on web?)
        • Micro-Meter, time spent options? (combined with AOP letter?)
      • This logging should NOT be on by default.
        • Use 'Debug' level? might affect performance!
        • Consider some INFO level (on integration points)
      • Include logging for 'exit' points
        • eg. org.onap.cps.ncmp.api.impl.client.DmiRestClient
      • Should be able to track request using unique request id (nice to have)
      • Consider 'suspect' methods that might take long for additional (debug) logging


      • Agree proposal with team (maybe share with stakeholder)
      • Demo to team
        • show how logging can be used to see how long it spent where


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