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Align CPS-Core output with SDN-C output (add module name)


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      SDN-C output for datanodes seems to include a 'prefix' for the top level (node) and possibly other nodes (when entering separate modules?)

      The intention is dat client can easily switch between passthrough and non-passthrough queries without affect on the output format for Yang modelled nodes. 

      This user story is to propose a solution to ensure this alignment

      As discussed on 27/04/2022:

      The proposal is to add module name prefix to cps-core output because passthrough output cannot be modified.

      Sample passthrough query:

      curl -X 'GET' --user cpsuser:cpsr0cks! "http://localhost:8883/ncmp/v1/ch/22/data/ds/ncmp-datastore:passthrough-running?resourceIdentifier=ran-network:ran-network/NearRTRIC=22/GNBDUFunction
      =660/NRCellDU=15361/attributes" -H 'accept: application/json' -i
      'ran-network' is prefixed in the output of above request
             { "host":"localhost", "port":8080 }

       Implementation details

      Get prefix from schemaset using schemaset cache (YangTextSchemaSourceSetCache)

      Use of ODL to convert Yang to a java object, see also org.onap.cps.yang.YangTextSchemaSourceSetBuilder#generateSchemaContext

      (possibly start caching these objects in a new cache too - using the same key)


      Open Issues

      1. If the child is in a different module should it have a prefix
      2. If the output starts with non-root element should it have a prefix
      3. Discuss backward incompatibility with stakeholders
        1. WiPro (E2E Slicing)
        2. Ericsson
        3. Bell (Bruno has confirmed that they are not impacted ?)



      1. Demo the correct prefix is added just to the root element
      2. agree with stakeholders what to do with the backward incompatibility



      1. Implementation for open issue #1 (handled in separate user story as E2E slining probably won't depend on this)

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