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Start and stop sessions on Java API


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      Use database transactions backed by sessions.


      Sessions should be opened and closed by the client wherein the transactions inside these sessions handle all queries to the database with control of when to commit the changes.

      • Do we need to store/return session Ids?
        • where to store
          • in memory
      • Where in CPS  should the sessions be called from?
        • starting session?
          • cpsDataPersistenceService
          • no parameters



      • POC
      • Unit tests
      • Agree with the team where Util class is implemented and called from
      • Demo to team with use cases of the methods

       Out of scope

      • Which methods should be overloaded with SessionID?
        • for anchor locking purpose
          • cps-ri
            • queryDataNodes?
            • getFragmentByXpath?
      • exceptions
      • session lifetime
      • Transactions are usually ended by 'commit()' so all queries will be added when this is called 
        • rollback on a previous uncommitted query?


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