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Separate NCMP endpoint for ch/{cm-handle}/properties and ch/{cm-handle}/state


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      Currently http://<cps-servic>/ncmp/v1/ch/{cm-handle}

      Will return just the (public) cm handle properties (metadata). Once state is implement this URI should also return the State details (more metadata) But then for convenience we want to have more specific URIs to return just state data and to return just Properties. so the client can choose from 3 options:

      1. http://<cps-servic>/ncmp/v1/ch/{cm-handle}
      2. http://<cps-servic>/ncmp/v1/ch/{cm-handle}/properties
      3. http://<cps-servic>/ncmp/v1/ch/{cm-handle}/state

      Note: 'modules' have been agreed not to be part of this type of cm-handle data (there is a separate URI to get those). If needed a special URL can be proposed in the future to combine modules with other metadata e.g somethin like '/export?metadata=all'


      1. Agree exact URI's with team and stakeholders
      2. Agree respons details for each with team and stakeholders 
      3. Update documentation (OpenAPI ?)

      (current) Structure (just properties)

          "cmHandle": "Bookstore",
           "publicCmHandleProperties": [
                  "Public-Book2": "Public Horror Book",
                  "Public-Book1": "Public Sci-Fi Book",
                  "Public-Book3": "Public Crime Book" 



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